Quality policy

Quality policy

A Quality Policy is one of the key documents in the quality management system. It is based on the company’s mission and values as well as on strategic goals comprising owners? interests and medium-term goals of the company management.

The Quality Policy provides the basic framework for implementation of quality goals while meeting requirements of customers and other parties involved and steers the company towards continuous improvement of its standards and performance of all company processes and activities.

In compliance with the Quality Policy, the top management of B a K Písek sets annual quality targets, which are broken down into quality goals for all the parties involved.

The targets are set for all the departments and are based on the owners? goals. They specify objectives which contribute or help to meet the company vision and preference is given to objectives which can be properly measured. All the objectives have to meet the SMART criteria (specified, measurable, acceptable, realistic, time-bound).

An assessment of the objectives is carried out after the specified period, evaluating the fulfilment of the objectives, planned equipment and lead time. Should some objectives be met partially, their fulfilment shall be expressed as a percentage or described in words. If required, the objectives are also planned for the subsequent period.

The company owners discuss financial, property and labour needs and other required resources in weekly management meetings, which are attended by all managers of the individual divisions. The minutes of the meetings are taken.

The CFO, in liaison with the company economist, draws up financial plans of the costs of quality management (system maintenance, audits) and training. The plans are approved by the company management. Funds are released throughout the year as required.

The management of the company B a K Písek if fully aware of the importance of the impact of the working environment on the production quality. The quality of the working environment is included on the agenda of regular meetings. The management of the company B a K Písek strives to create appropriate working conditions and the quality of the working environment and OHS are monitored externally based on an analysis of the working environment.

B a K Písek has identified the knowledge required for the correct functioning of processes and for compliance of the products and services provided. Such knowledge is kept at the required level and available in specific places. The company management regularly evaluates its current knowledge and determines how and where to get any required updates and access to them.


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