Company history

Company history

The name B a K Písek is jointly used by two all-Czech companies: B a K production s.r.o. and B a K systémy s.r.o., which liaise with each other and share the manufacturing facility in Purkratice near Písek.

B a K Písek offers a comprehensive range of products and services to its customers, including engineering, design, comprehensive sheet metal processing, production and construction of switchboards, electrical installations in the Czech Republic as well as abroad, inspections and warranty and post-warranty service.

B a K Písek meets customer requirements at the required quality and within the specified deadlines and keeps improving its performance. These attributes are guaranteed by the quality management system and CSN EN ISO 9001:2016 certification which certifies the quality of products and management of processes in the company.

B a K production s.r.o.
In 2005, B a K production s.r.o. took over the activities of B a K sdružení (established in 1995) and became its successor. The company’s key activities include design, manufacture and construction of switchboards, comprehensive services in the area of sheet metal processing, surface working and machine assembly. The company’s annual turnover is CZK 130 mil.

The company B a K production s.r.o. also runs a boarding house which is used both by B a K Písek staff and by staff from companies located in the nearby industrial zone.

B a K systémy s.r.o.
In 2000, the company B a K systémy s.r.o. was established as a direct successor manufacturing switchboard in the former company Elektropřístroje Písek and later on in the company Schneider Electric CZ s.r.o.  It joined the ranks of switchboard manufacturers with a long tradition. The key activities of the company B a K systémy s.r.o. include design, engineering and manufacture of switchboards, commissioning at the end user’s, electrical installation and, last but not least, warranty and post-warranty service. The company’s annual turnover is CZK 110 mil.

The company’s success lies mainly in its people. Therefore, both companies employ not only skilled experts with years of work experience but also young up-and-coming staff who represent the company’s potential.  B a K production s.r.o. employs more than 55 employees, out of which 30% are white-collar workers and 70% are operators in production.  The company B a K systémy s.r.o. employs over 50 employees, out of which 25% are white-collar workers and 75% are electrical technicians and operators in production.