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Kontakt na personální oddělení

BcA. Kateřina Hřídelová
mob.: +420 734 852 556
tel.: +420 382 206 239
e-mail: k.hridelova@bak-pisek.cz, personalni@bak-pisek.cz


    Sorry, no vacancies here.

    We strive to motivate students to train and work in engineering. We have been liaising with secondary schools and vocational schools for a long time.  We offer holiday jobs and practical training to students and provide them with support e.g. in the form of a scholarship programme

    Holiday jobs, work placement and practical training for secondary school students – work in production, technical preparation of production or administration within our company, both short-term and long-term (contract for work, agreement to perform work, part-time job).

    For further information, please contact our HR department at k.hridelova@bak-pisek.cz.


    We are a stable and credible company from the Czech Republic. We offer a number of benefits to our employees, provide vocational training and medical checks as well as support and assistance in difficult situations.

    When you reply to a position we advertise, you are automatically included in the selection procedure. We usually have two-round selection procedures. First, we evaluate your CV, letter of motivation and other documents. If you are short-listed, we invite you for an interview which lasts about 30 minutes and is usually held in the presence an HR officer and your potential supervisor. For shop operator positions, the interview also involves a manual dexterity test.

    When you send us your CV and give us an idea of the job you are looking for at k.hridelova@bak-pisek.cz, you will be included in our database of job seekers.

    You also give your consent to the use of the information for HR purposes by the company B a K production s.r.o. (Company Reg. No. 63250471, having its registered office at Ke Statku 18, 397 01 Písek), including beyond the scope of the selection procedure for the vacancy. You also give your consent to the company B a K production s.r.o. to process your personal data for the purposes of your registration so that we can offer similar job opportunities to you. Such consent is given for three years. The provision of personal data is voluntary, and you may withdraw your consent to the processing and storing of your personal data at any time by sending a letter to Ke Statku 18, 397 01 Písek. Your personal data will only be made available to authorized employees of the company and only to the extent necessary for such processing.